We are a diverse multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary agency of more than 50 talents, based in Paris and Singapore, two inspiring hubs, concentrating a significant part of your consumers.

We are creative lovers.

Claiming victories through awards is not who we are. Purposeful creativity that meets the right business objectives. That is our priority. An impactful brand goes beyond just beautiful designs. Only a brand with a compelling purpose will entice customers. Creating desire for your brand is our goal. That is who we truly are.

We are focused.

With an extensive set of tools and methodologies supported by our rich beauty heritage, we leave no stone unturned. We are committed to uncovering the best solutions for your brand. You are not just a client and we are not just an agency.

  • Christophe Lerouge Christophe Lerouge

    Christophe Lerouge

  • Cécile Navarre Cécile Navarre

    Cécile Navarre

    Senior Art Director
  • Chloé Arcillon Chloé Arcillon

    Chloé Arcillon

    Art Director
  • Marie-Laure Decaillet Marie-Laure Decaillet

    Marie-Laure Decaillet

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Claire Guillouche Claire Guillouche

    Claire Guillouche

    Graphic Designer
  • Emmanuelle Dumas Clochiatti Emmanuelle Dumas Clochiatti

    Emmanuelle Dumas Clochiatti

    Senior Art Director
  • Jean-Baptiste Brunel Jean-Baptiste Brunel

    Jean-Baptiste Brunel

    Production Manager
  • Karine Julie Karine Julie

    Karine Julie

    Assistant Manager
  • Samuel Brem Samuel Brem

    Samuel Brem

    Senior Project Manager
  • Maëlis Bedu Maëlis Bedu

    Maëlis Bedu

    Account Director
  • Philippe Galliano Philippe Galliano

    Philippe Galliano

    Senior Art Director
  • Stéphane Yvon Stéphane Yvon

    Stéphane Yvon

    Graphic Designer
  • Olivier Boré Olivier Boré

    Olivier Boré

    Global Creative Director
  • Nicolas Blanchard Nicolas Blanchard

    Nicolas Blanchard

    Creative Director
  • Oliv Oliv


    Guide Dog Junior
  • Aurélia Moreau-Nourrit Aurélia Moreau-Nourrit

    Aurélia Moreau-Nourrit

    Senior Account Director
  • Milena Lusenti Milena Lusenti

    Milena Lusenti

    International Account Manager
  • Noemie Hun Noemie Hun

    Noemie Hun

    Junior Graphic Designer
  • Lydia Alfian Lydia Alfian

    Lydia Alfian

    Junior Project Manager
  • Claude Roudil Claude Roudil

    Claude Roudil

    Senior Art Director
  • Quentin Boré Quentin Boré

    Quentin Boré

    Communication Officer
  • Hamsa Benabad Hamsa Benabad

    Hamsa Benabad

    Assistant Project Manager
  • Donya Bouyahi Donya Bouyahi

    Donya Bouyahi

    Assistant Account Manager
  • Justyne Wong Justyne Wong

    Justyne Wong

    Senior Account Manager
  • Zann Lim Zann Lim

    Zann Lim

    Senior Designer
  • Hilary Wong Hilary Wong

    Hilary Wong

    Account Executive
  • Yanping Sim Yanping Sim

    Yanping Sim

    Technical Artwork Designer
  • Francine Adolfo Francine Adolfo

    Francine Adolfo

  • Mathieu Mazieres Mathieu Mazieres

    Mathieu Mazieres

    Account Manager

We are a partnership.

This is reflected in our openness, our people and in the way we value honesty. Unity is our strength and it is at the heart of everything we do.


30 rue Mozart
92110 Clichy

+33 1 41 49 14 60
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37B Circular Road,
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+65 6222 4002
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