Our expertise

Design is our profession, desire is our craft.

Desire by Design

For over 20 years we have been helping beauty brands create desire through sight, sound, touch, scent and tactile experience.

This unique approach goes far beyond beauty.

The same sensibility, insights and understanding enable us to bring Desire by Design to life in all of the brands we work with.

Design is our profession, desire is our craft.

In every step of our creative process, we constantly ask ourselves how we are creating desire by design. Our main services include :

Audit & Research

Without an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, a brand can easily become irrelevant. Let us help analyse the competitive environment, consumer and marketplace to better understand the opportunities for your brand.

Innovation & Insight

What’s next for your brand? Let us analyze the consumer and market trends and open up future possibilities and potential brand innovations.

Brand Strategy & Insight

Don’t let your audience define your brand. From brand positioning, brand architecture and portfolio strategy, let us transform chaos and bring clarity by crafting your unique brand story.

Brand Identity & Guardianship

Don’t just be another product, be a brand. We can help define your brand’s visual identity and provide the tools to deliver a consistent and lasting impression for your consumers.

Brand Experience & Articulation

Seize the opportunity to tell your brand story. Let us help you map out your brand experience, creating an immersive experience at every touchpoint and reinforcing your brand relationship with consumers.

Structural & Graphical Packaging

Only one way to package your product? Think again. With our expertise and attention to detail, trust us in creating stunning packaging designs from initial sketch concepts through to modelling and finished production.