New ways to shop

Customers are now looking for an enhanced shopping moment that creates an exciting experience, deserving to be shared and re-lived. Re-inventing stores and malls as a place of true and tailored lifestyle (Citadium in Paris), proposing a cross-offer (Maydew bakery/hair salon in Seoul), invading a parking lot as a hype store or inviting technology to enhance the moment (3D virtual make-up simulators) are becoming must-haves. Convenience (baggage service in stores), customization (Laneige two-tones lip bar), local offers (Starbucks in Longmen & Takeo City Librairy) and temporary stores (Dove pop-up store in Paris) are also strong ways to single-out customers and engage with them on personal basis.

Tsutuya Kaden in Tokyo

A two story mall for home electrics and lifestyle. From photo to beauty, integrating cafés and libraries, a zone to freely try on products and concierges for advices. Full of plants and wood furniture, it offers more a lifestyle than only products.

LaNeige Lip Card

Trial size for easy colour test before purchase and touch-ups.

Sephora Beauty TIP Workshop (Teach, Inspire, Play), USA

A digital beauty salons of 26 seats, including in-store make-up classes, contouring apps, a skin-care studio, a fragrance studio...

Digital Provence, L’Occitane, Shinjuku

In-store digital displays showing the beauty of Provence, providing a full immersion into the French land inside a store in Tokyo.

McDonald Next, HK

McDonald of the future including a healthy salad bar, a dessert bar, an open kitchen, local dishes, touch screens for order & table service.