Athleisure trend: From fashion to beauty

Athleisure officially moved from a fashion to a beauty trend with Sephora US opening a dedicated wing in stores! A selection of make-up, body & skin care products easy to carry in a sport bag and dedicated to pre and post workout moments.

Playing on the healthy and sport trend, Athleisure niche brands are targeting sportive and active woman, aiming at bringing beauty and simplicity into active lifestyles.

A marketing trend mostly based on transforming existing products into on-the-go and ’sweat-proof’ formats, that is still waiting to be brought into mass-market with specific post-workout formulas and adapted formats.

Yuni Skin Care

Inspired by sweating yoga session, a selection of non-rinsing post workout foams, towel sheets, hair treatments and muscle relaxing gels to take out the best of your sessions

Arrow (Birchbox)

Specific light, cooling and long-lasting make-up and beauty products for post-workout

Colab Active Dry Shampoo

A reinforced dry shampoo for a better oil absorbing effect, UV and pollution protection and a stronger conditioning effect. To spray on roots before the session and to brush out after the session

Sweat Active Beauty

From a team of female athletes and Olympic winners, a beauty line of not pore clogging mineral foundations, water -sweat- proof illuminators and bronzers ... perfect for outdoor training

To think further

  • How to improve your products to quickly move into a hot trend ?
  • How to connect more with the daily life of your consumers ? Adapted formats ? Innovative ’active’ formulas ?
  • How to build a credibility into Athleisure approved products ?