It’s Clean!

With learnings from 2020, everyone became knowledgeable of hygiene rules…Time has changed and now the must have accessory is our dear hand sanitizer

Convenient and easy to use on-the-go, the product was already sold on the market. It is now a huge success.


Soap sheets are making a come back with the brand Fasola. The packaging takes the form of a sheet dispenser and comes in 3 different fresh scents.


This American brand wants to become a game-changer in the soap industry by proposing the next generation of hand sanitizers.

Its very sleek but at the same time fashy design re-invents the rules of the hand sanitizer packaging. Apart from its bottle « the power mist » offers a hydrating and non-sticky formula ideal for sensitive hands washed over and over again.


By placing both Nature and humans at the heart of their products, Biopocket developed a line of sprays going from hand sanitizer to insect repellent to sunscreen! Its packaging is as thick as a credit card and is very handy to take anywhere with you.

Clean Well

This American brand targets home care products as well as beauty products with a formula that is exclusively plant-based. Its packaging comes in mutiple forms to make its use easy for everybody.


This brand coming from the USA wants to create a « smarter health experience » by selling medicines online. Recently they even came up with a kit to fght sickness, which includes their newest product, a hand cleanser.

Health & Beyond

With more than 10 years of experience, this Chinese company specialized in hygiene and skin care product found the right balance between developing a basic line of hand sanitizer and another one with more fun packaging and fruity scents!

Other brands

While a pandemic is going on, in order to fight all together the virus, brands are mobilizing to produce quantities of hand sanitizers to help through the coronavirus shortage. From luxury brands to distilleries everyone took part in this fight without being initially specialized in the hygiene industry.

Some companies were a step ahead by proposing innovative packaging such as Yoobi with individual packs or wipes. Merci Handy, a French brand, developed an astrological collection with, for each sign, a particular fragrance representing the character of the sign.

To think further

  1. 1. This sanitary crisis has showed the necessity of antibacterial products. Until today, products have been mainly developed for hands but this crisis may be the time to diversify the variety of antibacterial products on the market.

  2. 2. Clean formula isn’t everything, the packaging also plays a big role. New ways should be found to pack the laundry, such as the refill method.

  3. 3. Through the product, it is essential to keep educating the customers on its hygiene aspect.

  4. 3. The use of hand sanitizers is now part of our habits. Innovation is the key to develop a trendier product, now a must have for everyone!