Newsletter March 2020


Say Hello to
a JOYful new Brand!

It is not everyday that we are given complete freedom to
create a brand from scratch, JOY being the only mandatory.

Created for Indonesian millenials, JOYLAB is all about passion,
positivity, creativity and sharing.
On top of the brand identity, Crepuscule established the foundations of the brand such as the tone of voice, its key principles and promises, defining the role of JOY as the brand’s essentials.

And what is the best symbol of Joy than a Smile? Showcased in the logotype as the brand’s touch of happiness, the O conveys this everyday smile which color and angle is different for each segment (face, lips, eyes). Simple design with a mix of bold colours and a caring white, the packaging is joyful and dynamic, definitely talking to the young beauty addicts who want to express themselves.

Beyond packaging, we have also created guidelines for the brand’s communication on its website and social media.


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