Food supplements are available from chemists, pharmacies and supermarkets in a number of different forms (capsules, ampoules, tablets) and are generally used, in addition to a regular diet, to treat vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

When you take an overall look at the health and well-being market of today, a new development in food supplements stands out quite clearly: nutri-cosmetics, products which produce more profound and long-lasting effects by directly treating the interior of the body.


Nutrimetics has been an all-round brand for over 40 years, offering both its own cosmetics for normal use and food supplements to combine with them, the latter work from the inside to reinforce the cosmetic benefits that can be seen from the outside. This association of cosmetics with nutrition, made clear in their choice of brand-name, offers 3 categories of treatment: beauty, well-being and weight control.


Sanofirm laboratories created the Evoleum brand in 2015 as part of their aim to become a major brand on the Nutri-cosmetics market.
The Hanaïa Skin ranges were the 1st concentrated anti-age cosmetics to be supplied in the form of a beverage. They are commercialised as cure treatments, achieving more effective results by nourishing the skin from the inside.


For over 10 years, Biocyte has been the reference brand for anti-ageing food supplements. The brand has decided to take on the 3 major factors of ageing (visual ageing, weight control and cell ageing) to maintain corporal beauty. A new upcoming trend, Beauty Food, is employed here to combine pleasure with well-being.

To think further

  • A new beauty care method which responds to everyday lifestyles: practical, easy and time-saving
  • Capitalise on the brand’s natural DNA to develop a specific "nutribeauty" range
  • An opportunity to enter a more exclusive distribution channel