Eugène Perma Professionnel : Collections Nature

A wind of joyful naturalness at the hairdresser !

COLLECTIONS NATURE is the natural professional haircare brand of EUGÈNE PERMA PROFESSIONNEL. The range gathered several different sub-brands and lacked of consistency or strong DNA. Plus, the packagings were not attractive nor readable to the consumers.

The aim of this relaunch was to create an appealing natural brand with a strong and ownable storytelling, and to communicate on COLLECTIONS NATURE commitments (eco-conscious new formulas and packagings, local sourced ingredients, local manufacturing, …).

CRÉPUSCULE created a real “Feel Good” DNA to the brand in order to express its naturalness and its authenticity.

We combined a trendy vegetal pattern to a serious and honest logotype, a white label and professional graphic codes to convey the know-how and the efficiency which are expected from a professional haircare brand.

Indeed, the challenge was dual as COLLECTIONS NATURE has to mix naturalness and expertise and to appeal both to hairdressers and to the final consumers.

On specific ranges such as the Sun range, the pattern has been thought as a limited edition and is colorful, joyful and luxuriant.

CRÉPUSCULE also created several KVs, brochures and communication tools to support the brand relaunch and consistency.

COLLECTIONS NATURE is a unique genuine, lifestyle, joyful and still affordable brand which offers a natural AND professional beauty routine for every hair!