Let’s challenge the honey category rules

Let’s challenge the honey category rules and create a disruptive and premium offer

This is what the Honey market needed: a new and modern concept that shakes the codes.

Passionate about the product, the Gourmet Alain Coutant created Honly to offer a selection of the best of class honeydews and to change the way the honey is presented.

Just like a wine master, he captures the natural flavors, Mint / Bergamot, Almond Paste / Peach, Rose / Honeysuckle…, to create a more yummy and accessible experience when choosing a honey.

Thus, he came to us to create the perfect packaging that would enhance the concept.

A breakthrough design identity

Boldness, modernity, lively and easy use, here are the key objectives of the identity.

Yummy and 100% natural

No heating, no blending, the honeys are respected to preserve the natural taste and intrinsic qualities.

A lively and colorful range

Facilitate nomadic consumption