Nair Beurre de Cire

A brand-new hair removal routine with Nair !

NAIR is the challenging brand on the French depilatory market and leader on hot waxes. It needs constantly to innovate on a globally declining market and demanding consumers, and in front of a very dynamic and innovative market leader, VEET.

In 2020, NAIR has launched LE BEURRE DE CIRE, a breakthrough innovation. This wax has a soft butter like texture. Less messy than classic hot waxes, LE BEURRE DE CIRE eases your hair removal routine with a new simple waxing texture. This innovation fits with consumers’ expectations by its 100% natural formula, its efficiency, its simplicity of use and a local manufacturing.

The challenge for CRÉPUSCULE: Create a new sub-range in the hot waxes range by being different enough from the existing waxes but keep NAIR’s graphic iconic assets, and stand out the innovativeness of LE BEURRE DE CIRE.

We designed a strong logotype to create impact on shelf. Simplicity and crafting are suggested by the handwriting font of the logotype and by the label used to highlight the naturalness of the wax and its key ingredient.

The packaging is didactic and explains the uniqueness of the texture and the waxing gesture. The visuals are as easy to understand as LE BEURRE DE CIRE is easy to use!

This innovation has been successful and been elected PRODUIT DE L’ANNÉE; we already designed a range extension, a honey-fragranced reference.