Science with style

Nexxus has cultivated 40 years of expertise in the delicate art of hair care.

The name Nexxus, derived from the Greek word meaning “to connect or bind together,” encapsulates the brand’s commitment to unifying nature’s finest with scientific precision. Nexxus products embrace a scientific approach inspired by the most potent elements found in nature.

We’ve been in love with the brand and were excited to be called to accompany Nexxus at the threshold of a new chapter: revamping their Wash & Care and Styling range.


This initiative set forth clear objectives to enhance and modernize the existing product line. Our first goal is to update the design of our existing treatments, creating a seamlessly cohesive and original mix. This endeavor ensures that each product not only meets the distinctive requirements of different hair types but also aligns with a refined aesthetic that speaks to “the Nexxus woman”.


Our strategic approach revolves around crafting compelling designs that embody the core elements of the Nexxus DNA: Luxury, Science, and Salon. By seamlessly merging these concepts, we have forged a memorable and distinctive brand identity exuding efficiency and sophistication.

Maintaining the distinctive and iconic rose gold hue, we have enhanced the overall aesthetic of our styling range by reworking the captivating metallic finish. This addition not only preserves the brand’s signature color but also elevates the range, ensuring a visually striking and alluring presence when displayed on the shelf. 

In this way, we have not only crafted a distinctive visual identity but have also successfully created a cohesive and transversal brand element that unites an array of products that were once distinct and separate. This intentional design choice reflects our commitment to fostering a unified and harmonious brand presence across our entire product range, symbolizing a new era of cohesion for Nexxus.

The fusion of the luxurious color palette and the commanding presence of the prominent X exudes both opulence and boldness, evoking a salon-inspired effect that captivates the eye.

Project Nolita is not merely a refresh; it is a redefinition.