Beauty with a purpose


Oyess is a start-up for a German skincare brand that decided to not compromise between beauty and sustainability.

They created their first products, a range of lip balms, and designs with the Crepuscule agency.

Oyess identity was built around this mindset: a lip balm brand that is all about transparency, honesty, authenticity, consideration, fun, and joy.

The logo highlights the sustainability, naturality, and femininity of the brand, with delicate curves and a deep green color.

The core range started with 4 lip balms, each one of them with a different fragrance and color coding. The lipstick case is composed of recycled plastic and the blister is fully made of carton to avoid the use of any plastic. Design-wise, we emphasized the ingredients through lively and vibrant illustrations.

Overall, Crépuscule created an approachable, playful, natural, smart & conscious brand to make consumers feel proud about using Oyess products!


With these new designs being more impactful, Oyess kept its priority on emotion, beauty, and style over the communication of sustainability for its packagings. To increase this wow effect on shelf, Crepuscule helped the brand to play with new finishes and graphic elements to relaunch the lip balm core range.

After exploring the power of various natural ingredients in a playful spirit, the brand started its diversification by offering inclusive solutions.


To start its extension, the brand decided to first stick with lip balms by introducing a new Premium Range to highlight its new premium quality. The main focus was on the new emotional and sensory experience through impacting variant names, nice colors, and texture.


To develop this sensorial DNA, Oyess continued its diversification by launching new premium ranges for Body and Face Care.

Crepuscule helped Oyess to create two sensorial designs for Body Lotions and Hand Creams for their first step into the Body Care market.

The first Face Care range created by Oyess is the Eye Masks range. Their catchy names are highlighted by the beautiful designs created by the Crépuscule agency mixing colors and finishes.


After launching these new Body Lotions, Hand Creams, and Eye Masks, the brand intends to keep the same focus on adding new premium ranges with the same impactful premium look and feel to its portfolio and expanding internationally.