Organic cosmetic dermatology

The story of Sanoflore begins in 1972 at the heart of Vercors, in wild, natural surroundings where blossoming aromatic and medicinal plants have been used for centuries. By selecting the most promising plants and flowers in order to bring out their exceptional properties and using all of the scientific rigor of modern cosmetic dermatology, Sanoflore offers all women a natural and certified Organic alternative to conventional cosmetics.

Crépuscule has been working with Sanoflore since 2016 by offering creative solutions as much in terms of form as when it comes to decorating its sales platforms in pharmacies, following their launch strategy and bearing their specifications in mind.

For the launch of the ”Cream of Queens” line, which offers skincare products that are enriched with pure Royal Jelly, a “Renaissance-style Boudoir” piece of furniture was imagined, dramatizing the line’s precious, unique, and French aspects.     

To accompany the launch of the “Supreme Honey” nutritional lotion, a hive-shaped display stand was made.

The products are inserted into honeycombs, in reference to the benefits of Vercors honey, and promotional leaflets are slipped into the hive’s side drawer handle. 

To mark the occasion of a partnership between Sanoflore and My little Box, work on the structural design & graphics for a travel-themed promotional display was carried out, which prominently displays the My little Box offer: a pouch containing a 50 ml flask of Aqua Rosa and a travel notebook.