Signal Freshness & Whiteness

A fresh and bright relaunch


With a longstanding relationship with Unilever brands, Crépuscule got to continue this journey when working with Signal. Top oral care brand in France, this project extended from renovating the packaging design to creating several key visuals to support the renovation in and off store!



The primary objective was to revive activity within Signal’s two prominent ranges, Blancheur and Fraicheur. As staple ranges, it was important that the design remained recognizable to the loyal consumer base. Signal sought to not only restore its standing but to elevate its presence with a renewed sense of vibrancy.


Our design strategy aimed at creating a visually compelling presence on the shelves. Recognizing the importance of product differentiation, our efforts were directed at enhancing the unique characteristics of each variant!

It was especially interesting to work on the range Extra Fraicheur! Here, the packaging featured a captivating graphic element – triangles showcasing a gradient of the color blue, cueing the varying levels of freshness intensity of the toothpaste. It was a thoughtful intersection of aesthetics and functionality, where the visual elements didn’t just enhance the product’s shelf appeal but also communicated an essential aspect of its core identity.

In the case of the Système Blancheur, each variant was carefully crafted to evoke the variant’s name, resulting in expressive visuals designed to attract consumer attention on the shelf. Central to Signal’s mission is to be a family brand, to cue accessibility but efficient for the whole family. This approach strengthens the overall portfolio, enabling Signal to cater to its diverse consumer base.