A joyful revolution!

The context

With its positioning focusing on a premium salon feeling, and with an accent on its co-creators expertise, the brand slowly lost contact with its consumers. Sunsilk wanted to re-connect with its dynamic, young and optimistic target.

The Unilever group then asked Crépuscule to re-think the whole design identity of the brand, looking for the right balance between feminity, fun and the brand DNA of expertise.

A dynamic and vibrant branding

A logotype using on each variant a unique color, with a big personality.

An impactful identity

A design adapted to every format

Beyond the new branding and packaging identity, Crépuscule also managed the full relaunch: more than 800 artworks developed for the 15 formats and the full variant portfolio, on shelves in 70 countries (5 regions).

A breakthrough sachet design

The challenge here was the integration of a talent visual demonstrating the hair benefit on small formats. Every country finds its best solution!

Valorize the offer on E-Commerce

Put some color in your life!

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