Syoss Oleo Intense

Bringing the gold standard to life


In January 2022, Crépuscule won the Competition of the 2023 Relaunch of the Syoss Oleo Intense range, by bringing the Gold Standard to life.


With this new relaunch, Syoss aim to elevate the design and expertise of the Oleo Intense range to make it impactful for better shelf standout. The main objective for the brand is to create a design which stands out from the competitors, and more specifically beat the main one, Garnier Olia. To achieve this goal, Syoss wants to give their consumers the luxurious coloration experience at home thanks to the new Gold Standard, and bring out more Japanese cues, as heritage from the brand.


To bring this new relaunch to life, Crépusucule started first by highlighting ’Oleo Intense’ in the design to be more impactful, so that it does not come out as a signature to Syoss. One of the main focus was also on the illustration of this oil. So, the agency designed a more active gold drop, with the Japanese flowers as hero illustrations.

This relaunch was also the opportunity of suggesting a new way of depicting the model, with half face visible and long shiny hair. This way, the model seems more approachable while keeping a professional aspect. Finally, the overall pack is cleaner to transcript more easily the important claims for the consumer, and keep in mind the gold aspect of the design.