Solve your beauty concerns !

We’re constantly looking for beauty ideas that can make the entire process of looking more presentable easier. Whether its about convenience, portability, ease of use, we’re all looking for products that save us some time and trouble.

In this edition of Eyes on Beauty, we look at some examples of new, in-market solutions in a new format, that promises to solve our beauty concerns.


It doesn’t feel right to spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror perfecting that winged-eyeline look anymore when there are 101 tasks on the list for the day.
Stabilo and Sephora’s unique collaboration earlier this year produced an innovative format for eyeline - a handy, perfectly tipped eyeliner in a variety of colours.


Are you worried about your greying roots or your visible scalp through thinning hair? You can now feel at ease with Hair Shadow! Mamonde created this coloured powder that, with a simple pat, covers any gaps and imperfections, giving your hair a look of abundance.


Do you know what’s your ideal eyebrow shape?
A tool that allows you to create those perfect eyebrows to give you a defining look. Instead of spending a long time trying to figure out your ideal shape on your own, this tool from Etude House allows you a quick fix to your eyebrow shaping problems!


The challenge of painting nails with left hand for a right handed person, and vice versa, is well known. As a creative solution, nail polish now comes in the form of a pen, eliminating any risk of messy bottle spills! Now, isn’t that something to look forward to using?


Nails and cuticles are not always prioritized in the daily beauty routine, neither are we always able to make time for a manicure to treat our hardworking hands.
Etude House introduced a Finger Nail pack which allows you to pamper your nails and cuticles in the comfort of your home, at your leisure.


While we’re talking about convenience, Dry shampoo was an innovation some years back that allowed us to spray our hair with oil-absorbant formula, to have one more shampoo-free day.
Taking this even further, Etude House introduced Dry shampoo sheets to simply use an oil-absorbant paper to pat your hair.
It’s a compact, convenient and a no-spill solution for your carry-on.


  • Multiple steps beauty routines are slowly shifting as consumers face time crunch in their daily lives. It’s time to think of 1-stop solutions.
  • Creating new news, excitement and more convenient solutions yes - but one must not forget the environmental impact it can have. Ensure the sustainability of your products is equally considered as the innovation.
  • As beauty and nail salons shut doors due to COVID, consumers felt the need to equip themselves with tools to maintain their grooming standards. There’s a demand in the new beauty-solutions-at-home category that needs more attention from brands. (e.g : Foreo)