Superfoods are hitting the cosmetics shelves.

As part of a general need to take good care of our bodies, using superfoods has become a strong trend on food shelves with a growing Instagram presence offering star ingredients such as kale, aloe vera, avocado or chia seeds each season.

Whereas some niche beauty brands were founded on these nutrient-rich, non-toxic ingredients (SOAK, MAYA CHIA), major beauty brands have only just started to launch their own superfood-inspired products.

Using super greens, berries (Supergoop! Açai lip balm) and cereals (Kiel’s Quinoa-based Nightly Concentrate), and playing on the natural beauty trend, they are exploiting the health-giving reputation of these ingredients to turn them into super cosmetics in order to create a holistic, natural and health-promoting experience.

The Body Deli

The pioneer of superfood beauty brands

Created in 2001 in California by two ’foodies’ with a background in nutrition, it offers handcrafted premium skin, body and hair care products. Using raw, fresh, organic superfoods, they create skin-type targeted products, and offer tailored advices in their shop.


Superfood Nail Polish by Nails Inc

The 1st nail superfood range to use the famous power of kale to create base coats and polishes to deeply nourish nails and prevent breakage and splitting. The addition of kale and vitamins promises to boost keratin production.

By all greens

Origins Detox & Cleansing Mask

Mixing super greens (Spirulina, Spinach & Green Tea) for a nutrient-rich cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, reinforced with coconut and kaolin clay, this detoxifying, cleansing anti-pollution foam offers the best of current superfoods in one skin care product.

Olive Seed Oil

The next super ingredient?

Since February, a Spanish olive producer has discovered how to extract highly concentrated oil from olive seeds. With one hundred times more antioxidants than classic olive oil, it offers countless benefits for skin, hair and body super cosmetics.