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Unilever Deos

In the environmentalist mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle,” some of the world’s biggest consumer brands are trying to shift the focus to the second R,with a program called Loop.

The program will offer popular products from about 25 companies in reusable containers that customers order online or purchase in stores and return to the company when finished. The new shopping platform Loop will be launched during spring of 2019 in Paris and New York.

For brands, it’s very engaging. This calls for a completely rethink of the production chain, and to agree to no longer fully control the distribution. A good starting point for innovation, sustainability & convenience, allowing consumers to integrate zero waste into purchasing.

Unilever Deos

They create minim, the first deodorant to be circular by design, made from stainless steel and developed to last forever.

Unilever Deos


The brand is introducing a bottle made with lightweight, durable aluminum for its shampoo and conditioner.


America’s #1 laundry detergent, is participating in Loop with its Tide purclean plant-based laundry detergent in a new durable bottle made from stainless steel with a simple twist-cap and easy pour spout.

Oral-B Clic

A new iconic design for manual toothbrushes features a durable handle equipped with a unique mechanism that allows consumers to only exchange the brush head.

Love Beauty and Planet

Love Beauty and Planet delivers brilliant care for your hair and body while carefully evaluating every step of our products’ lifecycles with the aim of leaving the planet a little more beautiful.